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World Cup reactions: Australia’s Sam Kerr says ‘suck on that one’

Carli Lloyd and Thailand’s goalkeeper also had an exchange on social media Thursday, along with Marta’s boots.

In this picture taken with slow shutter speed Australia's Sam Kerr runs to warm up prior the Women's World Cup Group C soccer match between Australia and Italy at the Stade du Hainaut in Valenciennes, Sunday, June 9, 2019. (AP Photo/Francisco Seco)

PARIS — A lot of players say they’re in a social media bubble during the World Cup, but some reactions and exchanges after games and on social media during the past 24 hours suggest not everyone is cut off from the noise. 

‘Suck on that one’

Australia captain Sam Kerr made headlines when she said during a live postgame broadcast interview with Fox that the Matildas “don’t listen to the haters.”

Her comments came after the Aussies received much criticism following a 2-1 loss against Italy to open the World Cup and then came back from a 2-0 deficit to beat Brazil 3-2 Thursday. 

“Oh, I’m so proud of the girls,” Kerr said. “We knew we were in it at halftime, and ya know there was a lot of critics talking about us, but we’re back, so suck on that one.”

Her response drew widespread praise on social media, many saluting her for her candor and competitive edge.

Twitter connect 

Thailand goalkeeper Sukanya Chor Charoenying reached out to United States forward Carli Lloyd on Twitter.

”Thanks so much, Lloyd,” she wrote. “Your words that you told me make me strong.”

Chor Charoenying was in goal Tuesday when the U.S. ran up the score 13-0 on Thailand. The 5-foot-5 keeper did all she could to get in front of the nonstop deluge of shots from the reigning world champs and ended the night with seven saves.

After the match, U.S. players, who received criticism for their scoring celebrations in such a lopsided match, encouraged the Thai players to continue growing their game.

Lloyd spoke to Chor Charoenying.

“Obviously I’m a player, and this team it’s full of players who want to battle it out, ya know, go full throttle. But we are human, and there’s a human element to it, and you’ve got to feel for a goalkeeper letting in 13 goals. If you don’t, then I don’t think you have much of a heart,” Lloyd said Friday. “So after the game, I felt for her and I wanted to go up to her. Ya know, it wasn’t something where I needed the whole world to see. Didn’t know if she really understood what I said. Didn’t know if she understood English, but it was really cool.

“This is what this sport is all about. In the wins and losses, I think character is a true testament to the sport. It was cool. And I just hope they continue to put their heads up, continue to fight and just keep going.”

Marta’s boots

Brazilian legend Marta scored a record-breaking goal against Australia, and celebrated in a unique way.

After converting a penalty kick to give Brazil a 1-0 lead, Marta pointed to her boots, which did not feature a brand sponsor but instead a pink and blue symbol to represent gender equality. 

The goal was Marta’s 16th scored in a World Cup, tying the record held by German Miroslav Klose. It also made Marta the first player to score at five different World Cups.




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