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Orlando Pride midfielder Christine Nairn finds balance thanks to T-shirt company Finding Euphoria

Christine Nairn knows the importance of enjoying life outside of soccer.

Nairn, a new addition to the Pride from Seattle Reign FC, has played every minute of the Orlando Pride’s season so far – only two games in – and can typically can be seen getting in a few extra passes after practice.

The love for soccer is there. She just needs something else to balance everything out.

Her teammates have various passions that don’t involve soccer. Toni Pressley is a vegan cook, Alex Morgan has taken up crossword puzzles, Marta plays guitar. Nairn, when she’s not a midfielder, runs a T-shirt company called Finding Euphoria.

 “Happiness away from the soccer field is something that, for me, has been a challenge because so much time and effort goes into playing soccer and being a professional athlete,” Nairn said. “I was kind of searching for my happiness and boom, Finding Euphoria happened.”

Finding Euphoria, which launched in July 2017, offers shirts, beanies and bracelets.

“We just came out with a purple ‘ORL’ shirt, so hopefully we’ll see that [during the season opener],” Nairn said during the Pride’s media day.

The Finding Euphoria website also contains a link to Nairn’s personal blog. She’s been candid in her posts on “Finding My Euphoria” and most recently discussed focusing on small “stepping stones,” instead of always stressing about the “bigger picture.”  

It’s easy to spot a couple of Nairn’s Pride teammates rocking Finding Euphoria gear. Left back Carson Pickett – who is also Nairn’s roommate – is the model in most of the photos that showcase the store’s shirts. Pressley has gone on photoshoots for the website with Pickett as both a model and a photographer. 

“It’s a startup business and she just thought she could use the resources she has,” Pickett said. “Toni and I both love it so much. It’s fun. We get a good laugh out of it – it’s a good off-day adventure. We’ve been to the beach, we’ve been downtown, it’s fun to get out and see things and also model and help here.”

Pickket said she and Pressley were approached by Nairn to be models for the website.

“It’s a bit different,” Pickett said with a laugh. “We don’t eat the same as normal Victoria’s Secret models.”

“She’s an awesome person. Super down-to-earth. Has a lot of experience. Playing-wise, she a lot of experience. Just in life, she has a lot of experience. She’s traveled a lot. Just to be able to have a good resource to be able to live with when I just need sort of a sounding board is just awesome.”

Nairn’s dedication to the company has inspired Pickett and Pressley, who said she’s found a new love for photography by taking photos for the website. She recently got Pride midfielder Dani Weatherholt involved with modeling Finding Euphoria shirts.

“I love supporting my teammates and I think what she’s doing is great, just building her brand off the field,” Pressley said.

“She has her own business. She’s doing so many great things. I think just being around her and learning from her and seeing what things I can pick from her brain… I think she’s a great resource in that aspect and a great friend as well. I’m happy to support her.”

Pressley called Nairn an example to look up to.

“It’s nice to find other interests, just in case soccer isn’t always going to be here for us,” she said. “It’s great that we have a lot of time to kind of venture out and see what we’re interested in and see what our other passions are.

“I’m very fortunate to have her on my team and learn from her. I’ll be hanging out with her a lot more and going to coffee with her and seeing what else I can find out. She’s got a handle on life.”

Nairn she’s excited about her T-shirt company because it represents something completely new and different from soccer. 

“Kind of just making it up as we go along,” she said. “Just bringing the fans along with us through Instagram, Facebook, all of those channels and just having fun with it.”




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