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Orlando Pride star Sydney Leroux announces she is pregnant

Orlando Pride star is shown with her son, Cassius, before the start of the 2018 season. (Rich Pope, Orlando Sentinel)

Orlando Pride star Sydney Leroux announced she is pregnant, sharing the news in humorous fashion on her Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Leroux and her husband, Orlando City striker Dom Dwyer, had difficulty conceiving their second child, with Leroux announcing she previously had a miscarriage during the Pride’s 2018 season.

To announce the happier news, she posted an image of her son, Cassius, crying in front of a photo of a baby captured via sonogram. The caption read, “Don’t worry Cassius. Mommy and daddy cried too.”

Dwyer shared the same photo with an emoji featuring two fingers in the air to denote his two children.

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The Dwyer family faced painful challenges expanding their family.

On Oct. 15, Leroux shared news she lost a baby, adding her voice to Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month.

Leroux posted on her Twitter account that she joined the “I am the face, I am one in four” campaign that brings awareness to the many women who have a suffered miscarriage, infant loss or stillbirth.

The couple previously discussed possibly expanding their family during an emotional May interview with Lifetime. At the time, Leroux was unsure how to balance growing their family with trying to continue her professional soccer career.

She wrote, “A couple of months ago I lost a baby. I was naive to the pain of what this felt like. There was a moment when I was on bed rest where I wondered if the emotional pain could kill me. It doesn’t. I’m still here. Stronger than ever because I had an unbelievable amount of support from people in my life — the people who were there to pick me up off the ground … to sit there and cry with me … to feed when I couldn’t eat.

“I’m so thankful that I didn’t have to go through it along and that Dom and I had our family, friends and team rally around us during our hardest times.”

Leroux confirmed time she missed during the Pride season due to illness was the stretch during which she was recovering from a miscarriage.

She wrote she was sharing the painful message with the hope others coping with the same grief would not feel alone.

“So in the later half of the season when I was out ‘sick,’ I was losing our baby. I hate that I couldn’t talk about it. I hate that it felt like I couldn’t because there was a sense of shame and embarrassment that came with losing a baby.

“Except the statistic of losing a baby is 1 in 4. Which means there are so many of us going about our day trying to bury our grief and pain. I want to tell my truth in the hopes that other women like me don’t feel so alone.

“How can we heal if we don’t admit that we’re hurt? I’m hurt. But I’m stronger because of it and it took me some time to get here. And I know I have a long way to go but we can get there together.

“Today we break the silence and honor all of our babies that we lost too soon.”

Leroux and Dwyer received thousands of Tweets and Instagram comments in October offering support and gratitude for opting to share their difficult journey.

The latest post announcing their second child is on the way drew more cheers from fans who were thrilled to see the family overcome adversity.




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