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Real Salt Lake’s highest-paid players are Ortuno, Kreilach

Apr 27, 2018; Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN; Real Salt Lake FC midfielder Damir Kreilach (6) dribbles the ball against the Vancouver Whitecaps during the second half at BC Place. Mandatory Credit: Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Two of the most well-known players on Real Salt Lake, Kyle Beckerman and Nick Rimando, are not the highest paid players. They aren’t even in the top five of the team’s highest-paid players, but that shouldn’t really come as a shock.

The Major League Soccer Players Association released a salary guide Thursday, and it details the base salary as well as the annual average guaranteed compensation of every MLS player as of May 1. Players make more than their base salary when factoring in things like option years, signing bonuses and guaranteed bonuses.

RSL’s highest paid players stem from European leagues. No RSL players crossed the million-dollar threshold in their base salaries, but two crossed it when it comes to guaranteed compensation.

Forward Alfredo Ortuno is the highest paid player with a base salary of $990,000 and a guaranteed compensation of $1.163 million. Midfielder Damir Kreilach is the second highest-paid player for RSL with a base salary of $900,000 and a guaranteed compensation of $1.013 million. Albert Rusnak, who joined RSL in 2017 and has scored two goals this season, has a base salary of $850,008 and a guaranteed compensation of $907,820.50.

Rounding out the top five highest players for RSL are Marcelo Silva  ($675,000.00 base, $711,875 guaranteed) and Joao Plata  ($525,000 base, $683,333.33 guaranteed).

Beckerman, team captain and fan favorite, has a base salary of $505,008, and that jumps slightly to $530,008 for guaranteed compensation. Rimando, who is on the verge of his 200th career win, has a base salary of $399,999.96 and has an average guaranteed compensation of $422,499.96.

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Though that all may seem like a lot of money to allocate to just a few players, the numbers steadily drop for the rest of the squad.

Jefferson Savarino makes a total of $398,687.65, Justen Glad makes $291,700, Tony Beltran is at $240,950, Shawn Berry makes $131,250 and emerging star Corey Baird makes $54,504.

Here’s a complete list of Real Salt Lakes’s roster and the total compensation for each player:

  1. Alfredo Ortuno: $1,162,500.00
  2. Damir Kreilach: $1,013,333.53
  3. Albert Rusnák: $907,820.50
  4. Marcelo Silva: $711,875.00
  5. Joao Plata: $683,333.33
  6. Kyle Beckerman: $530,008.00
  7. Nick Rimando: $422,499.96
  8. Jefferson Savarino: $398,687.65
  9. Sunday Obayan: $288,000.00
  10. Justen Glad: $291,700.00
  11. Tony Beltran: $240,950.00
  12. Brooks Lennon: $237,583.33
  13. Luis Silva: $233,666.67
  14. Jordan Allen: $225,000.00
  15. Pablo Ruiz: $201,000.00
  16. Luke Mulholland: $173,250.00
  17. David Horst: $131,629.00
  18. Shawn Berry: $131,250.00
  19. Demar Phillips: $126,250.00
  20. Adam Henley: $122,833.29
  21. Sebastian Saucedo: $110,500.00
  22. Danilo Acosta: $100,000.00
  23. Ricky Lopez-Espin: $76,250.00
  24. Alex Horwath: $73,362.50
  25. Jose E Hernandez: $70,875.00
  26. Nick Besler: $67,500.00
  27. Aaron Herrera: $67,500.00
  28. Taylor Peay: $67,500.00
  29. Corey Baird: $54,504.00
  30. Connor Sparrow: $54,504.00




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