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David Beckham pranked by James Corden with hilarious fake statue

Earlier this month, the LA Galaxy unveiled a statue of David Beckham to honor his legacy with the club.

In true Hollywood fashion, the host of the Late Late Show, James Corden, who is also a good friend of David Beckham, coordinated with the Galaxy to reveal a hideous fake statue to Beckham before the actual statue unveiling.

The fake statue looked nothing like Beckham, with an elongated chin and arms, and an enlarged backside. Corden also hired actors to pose as fans and try to annoy Beckham while he waited to see the statue. Galaxy president Chris Klein was also in on the prank, giving a short speech accompanied by a Beckham highlight reel that included some career “lowlights,” such as a red card and off-target goals.

Beckham remained mostly calm as he tried to voice his concern about the statue to an imposter disguised to look like the real artist. 

“It’s slightly different than what it was when I saw it in Chicago, though,” Beckham said. “I mean, look at my chin. It doesn’t really look nothing like me, though. Look at my eyes. Ya know what, the only thing that’s good is the hair. . . . Look at my bum. It definitely doesn’t look like that. . . . I mean, I really don’t see how this can go out.

“It’s lucky my kids are not coming over, because if my kids were to see this I think they’d just cry, to be honest.”

Corden runs out at the end of the prank, and Beckham burst out laughing. Watch the full video above.




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