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Ohio officials pressure MLS to make decision on FC Cincinnati

FC Cincinnati general manager Jeff Berding is awaiting an announcement from Major League Soccer on the future of league expansion, and the possible inclusion of Cincinnati in that plan. (Sam Greene/Cincinnati Enquirer via USA TODAY NETWORK)

Ohio county officials are putting the pressure on Major League Soccer to decide whether FC Cincinnati will join the league.

Hamilton County commissioners voted Wednesday to renew an agreement to pay for a 1,000-car garage at the team’s future stadium through Feb. 28.

The board’s original agreement expired Dec. 31. The agreement was extended at the request of FC Cincinnati, which says it expects to hear from the league before March.

MLS previously said it would select its 25th and 26th teams by the end of 2017. It selected Nashville, Tennessee to take the 25th spot in December, but said it would decide on the final spot next year.

Hamilton County Commission President Todd Portune tells The Cincinnati Enquirer it’s important a decision is made sooner rather than later.





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