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C.J. Sapong jokes about new ‘flexitarian’ diet for 2020 season

The forward hasn’t jumped on the plant-based trend just yet, but he remains focused on promoting healthy lifestyles.

The Chicago Fire's C.J. Sapong says he's flexitarian, which means he's flexible about what he eats instead of sticking to a plant-based diet. (Elsa/Getty Images)

LOS ANGELES — A trend of plant-based eating has swept through athletics and MLS throughout the past year, but C.J. Sapong isn’t sure he’s ready to hop onboard just yet.

The Chicago Fire forward is entering his second year with the club and his 10th year in the league.

Sapong said he does monitor his meat intake, trying to stick to an “80-20” motto that minimizes the amount of meat he consumes and focuses on other forms of protein. But he also embraced a new descriptor for his diet. 

“I’m just finding out today I might actually be a flexitarian,” Sapong said. “I’m just flexible with what I eat.”

Although he hasn’t adopted a plant-based diet, Sapong is known for his focus on healthy eating, both in his own life and in the community. He founded the Sacred Seeds foundation in 2017 while playing for the Philadelphia Union. The organization brings resources and equipment into under-served communities to promote self-sustaining sources of food, water and other basic necessities.

Although Sapong has since been traded away from Philadelphia, he continues to work with Sacred Seeds.

“It’s about in a moment in an environment, putting for the resources there not just to bring food, not just to bring nutritious food, but to bring a conscious healthy lifestyle,” Sapong said. “I believe from there it permeates through many other aspects of people’s lives.”




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